I enjoy life when things are happening. I don't care if it's good things or bad things. That means you're alive. (J. R.)

I'm Ingrid, 3 times a cancer survivor, once lymphatic cancer and twice breast cancer. Facing chemo and its side effects as a teenager (14) was not easy, but family and friends stayed around making me stronger, and together we all survived cancer. I continued my life with a scar on my neck as the only reminder that I had cancer. At 38, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, got another scar and hormone therapy, again friends and family were by my side. I was reaching my 5 year mark and was diagnosed again. This time I got another scar and a chemo round along with new people and experiences, and we won the fight again. People say I’m strong and positive, but for me being that way has not been a choice. I've learned that no matter your age you are never prepared for the diagnosis and that life is like a ride on a swing. Sometimes you are up loving it and others you are scared you may hit the floor. For me, life is made out of moments so I collect as much as possible enjoying life to the fullest and letting myself be amazed and grateful by the smallest things in my day to day. I feel proud of my scars because they remind me that I can be tough but I’m blessed for those that love me and don't hesitate to be part of my ride!

Ziekte: Breast Cancer

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